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Liber Academy

Building Scholars through the Greek & Hebrew Liberal Arts

Using Practice Scholar and Apprentice Scholar Projects

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Our Mission

We stand together as Christ-centered families and scholars in the quest to build noble character and strong community through virtuous leadership, selfless service, dedicated study, and by seeking for submitting to and becoming great mentors.

Our Mentors

Mentoring is our main focus at Liber Academy. Our Principal Mentor oversees all other mentoring, including helping parents in their role to Parent Mentor at home.

Our Classes

Most recent studies have shown learning happens best in a project setting. Adding this to Thomas Jefferson Education and Scholar Phase, we get the "Scholar Projects". These Projects have an overarching theme and teach the Vision, Mission, Abilities, Skills and Knowledge guided from the project and brought out by the mentor. Watch our Classical Acting's Final Project 2013 in the Classes Tab

Our Board

Each spring, we as a Commonwealth, elect various board positions. These board members fulfill duties such as Admissions, Registration, Class Coordination and Building Relations.

"What are you seeking for right now? In the very process of seeking, you are learning. Once you know the truth, it doesn't mean you're living it. There is a door where you may want to jump out and say, 'This is too hard.' How long will it take for that application to stick? Choose a path of mediocrity or The Path of success. Do you call your friends to get their opinions? Or do you fall to your knees and take time to be still? Are you choosing that Path that leads to transformation, to real change? ... Live the Truth." - Tiffany Earl LEMI Training 2012

Registration for the 2018 spring semester will be open between November 30th and December 6th. Thank you.