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Edison Project | Liber Academy

Edison Project

Why should I take this class?

Students who have completed Quest have built a strong, supportive peer group. You can continue your inspiring association with each other by meeting weekly to share the projects you are working on. Your weekly gatherings will motivate you to make progress on your scholarly goals each week.  Your group may choose to do simulations, book discussions, hold writing tutorials and get personalized mentoring.

Your student will be coming to class and describing and talking about their personal individual projects among their peers.  They will be supporting each other in their projects through their failures and success.


Vision: The classics have changed you and now you can impact the world. You are building stronger relationships with God, family and others.

Mission: You are beginning to feel a strong pull in one direction, sensing a call to act upon your life mission.

Ability: You are learning to choose between the goods (what is right for you), you can inspire yourself to work hard.

Skills: How to find the right mentor, lead others, improve social skills, coroporate project creation and management.

Knowledge: The Seven Creative Powers, individualized knowledge chose by each student.

Are there any prerequisites?


How much time will be required?

You decide how many hours you will devote to class preparation, but should be spending 40 hours a week studying.

Cost: Retreat costs and applicable building and administration fees  

Books & other Resources Students Must Purchase

The Secret to Wealth: Master the Six Creative Powers
The Fearless Mind by Craig Manning.
The Element by Ken Robinson

Course Length

This course is two semesters and one quarter. Typically the class will start part way through the winter semester, beginning with the retreat, a parent training and a six week course on how to create a personal project then it will continue running the following school year.

Note to Parents

This is a Self-Directed Scholar setting. Students will explore personal interests in the classics at a new skill level.  They will test internal motivation and initiative as they prepare for Mentored Scholar Phase. As this is a very foreign concept in our current “system” this course requires a bit of parent training.

How parents can help students succeed 

Give your student freedom to test their initiative and study topics of their personal
interest. Help research educational options. Spend time getting a vision of your child’s potential and possible life calling.