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The Hero Project | Liber Academy

The Hero Project

Why should I take this class?

Through studying heroes of the World Wars, you will learn how the previous hero generation saved the world from two devastating military machines. You will reach out for mentors from the past and use them for models in your life. You will compile a hero report using your choice of media (such as notebook, collage, video, compilation of quotes, timeline, music, etc.) You will learn about the World Wars through lectures, simulations, and reading and discussing biographies from the time period. You will keep a personal journal and will be given journal prompts to help you make thoughtful journal entries that reflect your increasing knowledge of heroes.


Vision: See yourself as part of the next hero generation
Mission: Prepare yourself to take on a hero role through building your character and leadership skills
Ability: Identify hero role models; think on your feet in challenging situations
Skills: interview skills, use of media, connect with people through stories

Are there any prerequisites?

Sword of Freedom

How much time will be required?

8 – 10 hours each week


Please see the Tuition & Fees page for a complete list of costs and administration fees.

Books & other Resources Students Must Purchase

The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom
Flags of our Fathers: A Young People’s Edition by Bradley & Powers, adapted by Michael French
Hiroshima by John Hersey
The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw
Uncle Eric books on WWI, WWII and the 1000 year war in the Middle East
Your Personal Journal

Course Length

This one-semester-class will run September through mid-December

Note to Parents

This is a transition class from Practice Scholar to Apprentice Scholar. The rewards are more internal than they were for Practice Scholars. Students are motivated to study through inspiring mentors, positive peer pressure, exposure to greatness, higher expectations, due dates, and an opportunity to certify.

How you can help your student

You may choose to read the assigned books along with your student. Invite your
student to share with you what they are learning about the hero they have chosen to study. You can brainstorm with them which media they want to use to tell their hero’s story.  You can help them find World War II veterans to interview.