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Parental Involvement | Liber Academy

Parental Involvement

Liber Academy Commonwealth has a high standard for quality. In order to maintain the quality of education in our school and keep our costs low, we have asked parents to pay the price of their time to learn more about our philosophy and methodology and participate through volunteer service.

All first-year families participating in the Liber Academy are provisional members until parents fulfill the member agreements. Families cannot become members in full standing until these agreements are satisfied. Provisional Members have until the Spring Parent Meeting to fulfill the Member Agreements.  If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact our Vice Chair, Deena Callister 801-928-6797

There are 2 avenues in which you can expect to be involved:

  1. First through attendance at LEMI Philosophy & at our Parent Meetings.
  • 1st week of July    9:00-2:00 p.m. LEMI Philosophy -SLC Library Auditorium. (Lunch Break at Noon, Writing Philosophy: 1 – 2 p.m.)

All new parents must have LEMI Philosophy Training. (Contact Vice Chairman if unable to attend)

  •  1st  Saturday in September after classes begin   9:15 – 9:45               1st  Semester Parent Meeting.  
  • 1st Saturday after school opens in September   10:00 –  3:00 p.m. Parent Mentoring Workshop  

Liber Academy Parents Meeting – At least 1 Parent Must Attend

  •  January  7:00 – 9:00 p.m.  2nd Semester Parent Meeting/ Awards & Family Showcase
  • April 16 or 23 –  7:00 – 9:30 p.m.     Spring Meeting (elections, amendments, fall plans, etc.)

2. And second through a variety of volunteer contributions varying from accepting cleaning assignments and serving on a Production Committee, to Mentoring a Youth Scholar class and or serving on the Parent Board.


We have 10 set topics for our Parent Mentoring Workshops.  These are designed to broaden the vision and educate our parents so they can gain greater understanding of the What’s, the Why’s, and the How’s of Parent Mentoring.  Once a Parent Member has attended 9 of these 11 set topics, the Parent Mentoring Workshops requirement in our Policies & Procedures will be satisfied.

The 11 Topics for our Parent Mentoring Workshops

  1. The Cycles of Education – What is the coming wave in education?
  2. The Pilgrim’s Course
  3. Mentoring the Hero or Artist Generation 
  4. The Phases of Learning and the Seven Keys of Mentoring
  5. Understanding Scholar Phase
  6. Project Learning
  7. Family Leadership – Leading using family systems.
  8. The Seven Types of Mentors
  9. Teaching Self-Government
  10. Eternal Warrior Mentoring



Cleaning of the building assignments, Parent Assisting so that there are always two adults in the classes, Mentoring one of our Core, Love of Learning or Scholar Classes, Serving on our Shakespeare Production Committee, Serving on our Board, etc.


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