Agreement Forms


Please complete our THREE AGREEMENTS through our online forms.  These must be “signed” by both parents.

*You will know your forms have been submitted when you see the info you submitted on the screen.  Then it will go away after you complete the next form.

Liber Academy Hold Harmless Agreement

Liber Academy Behavior Agreement

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Liber Academy Commonwealth has a high standard for quality. In order to maintain the quality of education in our commonwealth and keep our costs low, we have asked parents to pay the price of their time to learn more about our philosophy and methodology and participate through volunteer service.

All first-year families participating in the Liber Academy are provisional members until parents fulfill the member agreements. Families can not become members in full standing until these agreements are fulfilled. Families are given one year of provisional member status to allow time for them to fulfill the member agreements. If families can not fulfill the agreements within the provisional member year they can not return for a second year, unless there are extenuating circumstances. In the case of extenuating circumstances, please contact our Vice Chair 

Liber Academy Member Agreement