Admission Process

NOW accepting applications for the 2017 semester.  Please apply below

LA Admission Process


  1. Submit the online Application- see below (If you are an existing member or adult learner, then skip to step 4)
  2. Acceptance and Forms:  After submitting your application, one of our board members will determine space availability for the ages of your children and contact you as to the availability status. If there are spaces available we will either send a notice that we have put you on a waiting list or send a link to our Admission ChecklistLiber Academy Constitution and Policies & Procedures and Agreement Forms and set-up a Get-to-know-you interview*. Please read and electronically sign Agreement Forms .  
  3.  Parent Interview with Board members.   Get-to-know-you interviews are informal meetings with a few board members or mentors.   One of the things we would like to know at this time are the needs of your youth.   These interviews will take place JUNE or JULY for the Fall Semester or DECEMBER for the Winter Semester.
  4. Registration: Once  1-3 are complete, we will let you know when to continue on to our Registration Process.


Please Note:  Part of our Parent Member agreement (which will be sent in the Agreement Forms packet) requires that you have read A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille or Teach the Children: An Agency Approach to Education by Neil Flinders before starting classes and The New Commonwealth School  by Aneladee Milne by the April (Spring) meeting.  The Hebrew educational model we implement is best understood in the book Teach the Children by Neil Flinders.


Liber Academy Application Form
  •   Intro to Pyramid
      Pyramid Project
      Key of Liberty
      Classical Acting
      Quest (TJYC)
  •   Nursery
      Ten Booms (Core)
      DaVincis (Love of Learners)
      Boys Club
      Girls Club
      BYOG -Bring Your Own Genius
  •   Classic Book Colloquium
      5 Pillar Tutorial