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Our Board | Liber Academy

Our Board

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CHAIR – DEENA CALLISTER  (contact info)

1. Facilitates training for new Board Members according to prescribed Policies and Procedures.

2. Advises and provides vision at the Member Meetings.

3. Coordinates with the Principal Mentor for the creation of the next year’s class schedule and its presentation at the Spring Meeting.

4. Correlates the yearly Calendar and makes it available to Members.

5. Coordinates with each Administrative Board Member concerning their respective duties; giving assignments as needed.

6. Calls and conducts Executive Board and Administrative Board Meetings. Ensures that Board members are notified of meetings at least 3 days in advance.

7. Presents Policies and Procedures changes at Member meetings, as needed.

8. Appoints a Treasurer, a Secretary/Registrar and a Public Relations Representative.

9. Consults with Principal Mentor and Teacher/Mentors to make decisions on classroom disciplinary actions regarding Members.

10. Consults with Executive Board and Principal Mentor regarding conflicts involving Teacher/Mentors and administers disciplinary action where needed.

11. Consults with Vice-Chairman on Registration.

12. Interfaces with prospective Members and refers them to the Vice-Chairman for enrollment qualifications.

13. Interfaces with prospective Independent Teacher/Mentors and volunteers with class proposals and refers them to Principal Mentor.

14. Is a signor for SDLA checkbook along with the Treasurer and/or Vice-Chairman.

15. In the case of the vacancy of a Vice-Chairman, appoints a Vice-Chairman Pro Tem until elections for a new Vice-Chairman can be held.

VICE- CHAIR – MICHELLE OMER (contact info)

1. Serves as the Chairman’s assistant and counselor.

2. In the absence of the Chairman and at his/her request, calls and conducts Board Meetings and all other duties assigned to this task.

3. Appoints an Auditor to periodically review the society’s accounts.

4. Calls and conducts a yearly Parent Orientation Meeting.

5. Advises, interviews, and counsels with prospective members.

6. Keeps records of and reports to the Administrative Board on prospective Member enrollment.

7. Consults with the Chairman concerning Registration.

8. Administers Registration with the Secretary/Registrar.

9. Takes, prepares, and reports minutes of all meetings.

10. Consults with Principal Mentor regarding enrollment, as needed.

11. Tracks Membership qualification and recommends Member status changes to the Executive Board.

TREASURER – KIM DAVIS jaridavian@gmail.com

1. Collects fees and tuition from Members.

2. Consults with Chairman concerning payment arrangements of Members, if needed.

3. Makes monthly payments (building donations, etc.)

4. Distributes reimbursements as necessary.

5. Maintains an address for LIBER ACADEMY.

6. Gives financial report to the members at the regular meetings if requested.

7. Presents checkbook or bank statements upon request by any Member for review.


1. Provides for quality mentoring in the classroom.

2. Based on needs of Member families, decides what Scholar Projects will be offered.

3. In partnership with the Chairman, selects Mentors/Teachers to teach Scholar Projects and any other classes at LIBER ACADEMY.

4. Ensures that LEMI Scholar Projects are offered at the school.

5. Evaluates Independent Teachers and proposed Non-LEMI classes for content and adherence to the TJED principles and makes recommendations to the Administrative Board.

6. Meets regularly with Teachers/Mentors for correlation and/or training, evaluation, and support.

7. Ensures scheduling of regular Parent Mentor Workshops.

8. Attends Board meetings and represents the Teachers/Mentors when they are not in attendance.

9. Consults with the Chairman concerning classroom concerns.

10. Has stewardship over all Teachers/Mentors at LIBER ACADEMY.


1. Takes Parent complaints according to Policies and Procedures.

2. Schedules and invites Members to regular and special meetings.

3. Prepares agenda for and conducts Parent Meetings.

4. Consults with the Chairman concerning problems.

5. Represents the Members at Administrative Board meetings.

6. Reports monthly, if requested, to the Members, of the actions of the Administrative Board.

7. Coordinates and schedules Parent Assistants in the classroom.



1. Prepares needed documents and schedules as assigned, such as Hold Harmless Agreement, Medical Release, Registration Forms, etc.

2. Assists Chairman and Vice-Chairman with Registration and other clerical duties.

3. Posts Policies and Procedures for Members to review.

4. Maintains a current list of Members with address, e-mail, and phone.

5. Maintains class attendance records to assist Treasurer, as needed.

6. Is the Public Relations Representative Protem in the event that there is a vacancy in that position.



1. Coordinates building supervisory assignments.

2. Coordinates and maintains a good relationship with the building owners.

3. Makes sure the facility is maintained.

4. Oversees projects connected with the facility use.

5. Schedules venues for all LIBER ACADEMY events.


Please direct any suggested needs to or problems on the web-site  to the Moderator