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About Us | Liber Academy

About Us


Liber Alliance, doing business as Academy,  is a New Commonwealth School offering Leadership Education Mentored Scholar Projects* for home educated youth between the ages of 12-18 years desiring a Scholar Phase.  The school is based on the philosophies of A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille which is the core methodology for our academy.  Liber Academy also offers mentored classes to adults wishing to get a Scholar Phase for themselves.  Our core classes or projects are taught by volunteer parents, who have been trained by the T.J.Ed. based teacher-training company, Leadership Education Mentoring Institute.

Liber Academy has a high standard for quality. In order to maintain the quality of education in our school and keep our costs low, we have asked parents to pay the price of their time to learn more about our philosophy and methodology and participate through volunteer service.

All first-year families participating in the Liber Academy are provisional members until parents fulfill the member agreements. Families can not become members in full standing until these agreements are fulfilled. Families are given one year of provisional member status to allow time for them to fulfill the member agreements. If families can not fulfill the agreements within the provisional member year they can not return for a second year, unless there are extenuating circumstances. In the case of extenuating circumstances, please contact our Vice Chair Jorgina Hancock.

Classes are once a week on Wednesdays from around 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Fruit Heights, Utah area.  Classes begin the Wednesday after Labor Day and continue until the end of April.  We charge nominal fees to cover costs related to classroom materials, building fees and training of classroom mentors.   We are a Not-for-Profit LLC, and our mentors and board members are completely volunteer.

The intent of the academy is to enrich and support what the parent teaches at home, to create a social environment for the youth, to assist the students in moving forward in a successful Scholar Phase and to inspire parents to get their own Scholar Phase education.   This includes a multi-denomination Christ-centered learning environment.  This academy should not take the place of the student’s home education. — Please read more about Commonwealth Schools by clicking below on Philosophy and Methodology

*These Scholar Projects are designed to be only 50% of the youth’s education. For the other portion of their time, parents continue to provide the mentors, study assignments, lessons, etc. they feel their children are needing. — Please read more about Scholar Projects by clicking below on Philosophy and Methodology.







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